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Oct 23, 2011 · trap diagram? Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by DaveXT, Oct 22, 2011. Terry Painting on The Targets · Learn to Trap Shoot Chart Use your diagram of

a trap range to layout, measure and install stakes to mark the exact location of each shooting lane, shooting position and the target thrower. Mark the four corners of the trap house. Stake out the correct position, length and width of each shooting lane. Trap shooters commonly shoot three events: singles, handicap and doubles. Singles are single birds shot from the closest distance, 16 yards from the trap house. Since the birds are usually about 15 to 25 yards out by the time the shooter fires, even the 16 yard singles are 31 to 41 yards away. Policies and ProceduresAlcohol and Tobacco UseFirearms and AmmunitionField and Target RecommendationsShooting ranges that host League teams should familiarize themselves with the League’s Policies and Procedures. This document is the

first resource that clubs, teams, and coaches should refer to if there are any questions. Click here to find the league’s official policies and procedures.Additionally, we recommend that shooting ranges set clear expectations with teams and athletes regarding shooting range rules and safety procedures. In all cases, shooting range safety procedures and product sSee more on These presentations are all going-away shots, though in most American Trap games, the trap oscillates, making each shot slightly different. The line of shooters takes 5 shots from each of 5 stations positioned side-by-side, with station 1 shooting first and station 5 finishing. Keep your swing smooth and follow through after the trigger is pulled on

every target. SINGLES 50 yards. 20 yards Average breaking point Foot sition and: guide Trap House 16 yards 27 yards Shooting Positions and Angles of Flight Above, the five shooting positions are indicated at the 16 yard line. Trap shooting is an exciting sport that everyone should try at least once. Here’s a few great tips for new shooters. 8. Trap House Length is Not Less Than 7’6”or More Than 9’6” 9. Trap House Height is 2’2” Minimum and 3”0” Maximum from Shooting Station #3. Diagram 1.2 Minimum 41” / Maximum 43” Min 0”/ Max

16” Mount Power Control Box Inside Right Wall Trap Pedestal 2” Center Line Trap Target 18” See note #9 16 yards to Shooting Station #3.

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